Installing Kojak

Please note that this document is intended for installing pre-compiled versions of Kojak only. Instructions for building Kojak from source code are provided on the Source page.


Step 1: Download the zipped Windows application from the Download page.

Step 2: Make a folder on your hard drive to store Kojak. A possible location is C:\Kojak

Step 3: Open up the zipped file you downloaded in Step 1. Copy all contents to the folder you created in Step 2.

No further installation steps are necessary. Kojak operates from the command line. To uninstall Kojak, simply delete the folder you created in Step 2.


Installation on Linux is basically the same as for Windows. After downloading the zipped Linux application, following the same steps as before. Here is a summarized set of commands:

$ mkdir Kojak
$ cd Kojak
$ unzip /your_download_path/

Additionally, you may need to change your permissions to execute Kojak:

$ chmod 755 kojak