Parameter: e_value_depth


Specifies the minimum number of tests to be present in the histogram for e-value calculations. A larger number better resolves the histogram and improves the e-value estimation for the peptide sequences in each spectrum. However, larger numbers also increase computation time.

SPECIAL NOTE This parameter is currently being evaluated, and may change or be eliminated. A default value of 5000 is used if not explicitly defined by the user. It is currently recommended to use values of 2000 to 10000. Also note that e-values are calculated three times for each cross-linked peptide spectrum match: first for the overall match, then again for each individual peptide in the cross-link. One-half the e_value_depth is used for each individual peptide e-value calculation. This behavior is highly likely to change in future releases.




2.0.0 - present


e_value_depth = 5000