Parameter: mono_link


Specifies the sites of incomplete cross-linking (i.e. a mono-link) and mass modification. Two values follow this parameter, separated by spaces. The first value is one or more amino acid letters (uppercase only) that can be linked. Use lowercase ā€˜nā€™ or ā€˜cā€™ if the linker can bind the protein termini. The second value is the net mass of the incomplete cross-link reaction. The mass can be any real number, positive or negative. If multiple mono-links are possible (e.g. with a heterobifunctional cross-linker), use multiple mono_link lines in the configuration file, one for each possible product.


[Amino Acid(s)] [Mass]


1.5.0 - present


mono_link  =  nK  156.0786

Deprecated Syntax for versions 1.0 - 1.4.3

[Chem Code] [Mass]

Chem Codes

  • 1 = amine (K or n-terminus)
  • 2 = carboxyl (D, E, or c-terminus)
  • 3 = sulfhydryl (C)
  • 4 = acyl (Q)