Parameter: xl_cleavage_product_mass


Defines additional product ions resulting from fragmentation of cleavable crosslinkers. The value defines the residual mass on a product ion following cleavage along the crosslinker in addition to cleavage along the peptide. Specify the parameter multiple times for crosslinkers that have multiple possible product masses. Currently this parameter is applied to all defined crosslinker sites, which may be problematic when doing an analysis containing multiple crosslinkers with different moieties.




2.0.0 alpha 22 - present


#Defining the three cleavage product masses of DSSO
xl_cleavage_product_mass = 54.010565   #DSSO cleavage product mass #1
xl_cleavage_product_mass = 85.982635   #DSSO cleavage product mass #2
xl_cleavage_product_mass = 103.993200  #DSSO cleavage product mass #3